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So the most important thing I can say today about the current sales landscape
is an evolution towards asynchronous prerecorded
content being the absolute decider in the buyer’s decision. So what
I mean by that is, in the old days, with the old antiquated traditional cold
call calls following up, chasing people down, all that nonsense, that’s pretty much
going the way of the dodo.
We are so excited to talk to you today about the benefit method
and the benefits of but before we get to that, the ultimate problem
that most people in sales are suffering from is not
making a connection. What I mean by that is not stirring up interest,
not getting replies, and then ultimately not driving the
sales that they want to. So an important question that you should ask yourself is,
are you building trust? Are you creating relationships with
the people that are in your prospect list? Because if you’re not,
chances are you’re not going to achieve your sales goals. The problem here is what
we like to call the Hunt. And the problem with the hunt is that it’s
completely rooted in following up, but not in the positive
way. Here’s a short film that we made called The Follow Up that I think
shows this idea in a really funny way,
starring this guy.
Oh, hey, Ali. How are you? Listen, I called you about 20 times earlier
and I haven’t heard back from you. Did you see our products that we do?
They’re really amazing. Are you just in buying? Oh, hey, so I’d
recommend the latte back there is really good. By the way, did you get the
47 voicemails I just left you? I’m just really super excited to sell
you this stuff.
Ali. How are you doing? What are the chances that you’re in here? Listen,
did you get one of my 47 voicemails I sent you? Haven’t heard back from
you yet. Hey, can we stop and get ice cream? I love ice cream.
Do you like ice cream?
That’s wrong, man. I can’t close the sale.
I cannot close the sale. I don’t know what’s going on. This sucks.
Have you downloaded check
it out in the app store. Dub Chu. D-U-B-B.
That’s right, dub.
And the key to remember here is when you’re looking at a product or service,
sometimes you get caught in the glow of the lights of the features
and what it does and all of that is important. But the features
and the services are just the beginning point of illuminating what the
benefits are to you as the buyer. That’s what you’ve got to convey as a
salesperson, not what the AC switch does in the car.
It’s what the eventual feeling of the AC does for the
person in the vehicle and what that creates. That’s what it’s all about. So within
the benefit method, it’s all about the benefit to the enduserbuyer
in the car. It’s not about the AC knob that you’re turning in that feature.
It’s about what does that feature due to the person buying that
vehicle keeps me cool on a warm summer day, right?
And the heat keeps you warm on a cold winter day, if that’s
where you’re located. But that’s what it’s about, remembering the big picture of what
the benefits are to that buyer. So the benefit method is all
about conveying the ultimate value to the person that’s
buying. It’s about telling them how can they make money? It’s about how
can they save money, it’s how can they increase their productivity
and ultimately gain more happiness? Because at the end of the day,
that is what we’re all trying to buy. So gone are the days when we
follow up, just to follow up. Now it’s about providing additional
value. And that is the benefit method. So here’s a really
interesting story that we can tell about this. A lot of people come to us
because they simply did not use their CRM. And what’s so interesting is
what they tell us is that they never truly understood the benefits
of the CRM that they were using. They only saw it as a micromanagement tool,
never as a sales enablement tool. And it’s always inspiring
to us to show how the dub sales operating system helps people
record videos, create connections, and ultimately get
conversions. And this is the classic benefits, not features.
Benefits, not features. Benefits, not features.
Thank you. And that is the benefit method. Let’s talk about now the presentation.
And what you have to be in today’s environment is that you need to
present like a Broadway show. I’ll repeat that you
need to present like a Broadway show. Here’s my jazz hands.
Right? There we go. A little song, little dance. But you want to have the
ability to tell that story in an engaging,
entertainment way. That’s what people want. They want to hear a story that
is just pulling them in. So think about that. And what we mean by
a Broadway show for your sales effort is to provide so
much delight, to tell stories that captivates people and ultimately
to get your customers to want to buy from you. Not because you’re pushing
them, but rather because you’re pulling them in. One of our best examples on how
to use video to delight is none other than Tesla. What Tesla
does is that they build features that give massive benefits,
but also that are just there to delight people, like the karaoke
function, the built in games, and even the Tesla that dances.
Some of those videos garner millions and millions of views on YouTube.
And they are solely there to delight us. And guess what?
It sells. We are delighted. And what are they doing?
They’re putting on a show. The reality of the situation is that to
use video to delight your prospects does not require any special
technology at all. In fact, we’ve built an entire platform on
such easy to use tech so that you and your sales team can start recording
videos that convert. So the first thing you want to do to get things started
is click on the button below, sign up for Dub. Once you do that,
grab the Dub mobile app from the Play Store or the App Store, and you
get the Gmail and LinkedIn integration. Get the Dub Chrome extension. So the
first thing that you’re going to want to do is to set up a simple
call to action. This is a link to your website. It’s a video reply.
It’s a form fill. It’s a link to your calendar or anything else that you’d
like to do. The second thing that you’ll want to do is to record a
video. This can be from your phone, from your webcam, or from your
screen if you have something visual that you want to show. Once you’ve recorded the
video, the video landing page gets automatically created.
Here is what the video landing page looks like. Now think about that for a
second. We recorded a video. We created a
video landing page that has a direct call to action on it.
This, my friends, is the ultimate sales conversion
vehicle that is so easy to use. So one of my favorite features
on the Dub platform is the video reply feature, which allows you
to send a video to someone with a simple call to action
so that they can respond to you with video. So by now,
hopefully you understand the value of the benefit method, which is
providing value and benefits to your prospects.
The key here is using video. It doesn’t stop at the videos
that we create. We have to have videos of social proof.
And what I mean by this is video testimonials case studies
and demos of other people using your product or service. And one of
the best calls to action that you can use is called the
Reply with Video button. So, for instance, if you have someone out there that’s bought
your product or service, they want to put you over the moon in terms of
their review about what you’ve done. All you do is say,
please hit the Reply with Video button below, send me your testimonial
back. And then as soon as they do that, you can add that to your
case study page, which is easily built out through double. And the value of
capturing a video like that is that you can build a new video
landing page with that video, or you can add that video to a playlist so
that when you send a personalized video to someone, the video that will follow is
a testimonial video, and nothing will convert better than that.
What Ruben just mentioned is monumentally important. When you make a video,
the next video that plays in your playlist is
one of the most powerful videos you can create, because that
next video that’s coming is going to be so special.
And you can hint to that in the first video that you send. Check out
this next video. Right? And another benefit of the dub platform is to be
able to create a showcase page. And a showcase page is a
number of videos that live on that page that ultimately help you
get more conversions. So your sales Broadway show should
answer three questions that your buyers have. So number one is what
it does. Number two, how it works. Number three,
why they need it, and number four, who else uses it? If your
Broadway show can answer these four questions, you are going to see your
conversions skyrocket, because that’s what your buyers are thinking about.
And that is the benefit method. Chances are by now you’ve seen
the power of video on the ecommerce sites that you’re already using.
For example, if you go to the Amazon homepage, you’ll start to see live
and pre recorded videos of influencers that are selling products.
This is an example of how consumers need to see
social proof. They need to see and feel what it would be like if
they own that product. And that is what drives conversions. We invite you
to get a free trial on dub to see how you can empower your
sales department to sell like Amazon. So, thank you for
watching this episode of Rev Show. We invite you to grab a free trial
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