Are you looking for a better way to create email sales funnel? How about the format and specific tips and tricks to maximize your email open and click rates? What about ways to get your conversions up dramatically on your emails. Check out these 7 tips to learn how you can run email sales funnel like a pro.

1. How do you define an email sales funnel?

An email sales funnel is any type of automated workflow that has a series of high-value emails that get sent to targeted prospects on an opt-in basis.

2. How many emails should be in a sequence?

I recommend that marketers include a minimum of 3 to 6 emails with the option to include many more. The trick here is providing high value, educational and even entertaining emails that people want to receive. If the emails are too salesy, too self-serving and do not provide some sort of education, people will not appreciate it, will opt-out, and potentially even mark the email as spam. The best effort is to provide value and something that people want to receive.

3. How long should each email be?

We recommend that the text be short and punchy, which means a short paragraph, less than 200 to 300 words. We also recommend that people include the mention of a “video” in the subject line and the body of the email. It also helps to include an animated gif thumbnail graphic in the body of the email so people can get a teaser of what the video might look like.

4. When should an email sales funnel be delivered?

An email sales funnel should be delivered at the time when a person opts-in, which means when they filled out a form or when they respond when they show some sort of interest in engaging with a business or an individual.

5. Is there a certain sequence to follow?

We always recommend having highly personalized, sector-specific, email content with videos included. Therefore, if someone shares specific information, the size of their company, what their specific goals are, then provide a new email sequence based on their specific information. The key is personalization.

6. What should the format of content be?

It is very important to have the content to be educational. Remember, think about the emails that you read, opt-in to, and do not unsubscribe from. Chances are you are gaining a tremendous amount of value and learnings from reading those emails. Be the same type of marketer and provide value that people want to opt-in to. A great metric of people enjoying your email sequence is if they forward your email to other people, and through attribution reporting, you can start to gauge if that is happening. Not to mention, always include a blog post that includes an expanded piece on your email, therefore, people can learn more and have something easily shareable on social networks. On your landing page, it is important to have social share buttons and even a comments engine so that people can provide feedback.

7. What is the average conversion rate?

We have seen conversion rates increase from a 30% open rate to a 45% open rate by including the word “video” in the subject line. We have also seen our click rates increase from 5% to 12% by including an animated thumbnail gif that links to a video.
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