According to recent research, 59% of B2B marketers say that email is their most effective channel to generate revenue. In order to take your B2B marketing to the next level, check out other successful email marketing examples for some inspiration.

Email is quickly becoming the preferred method for the B2B marketers, it takes longer to send an email than a social media message, so the fact that you took the time to respond and creates a connection with who you are emailing.

An email also allows for clear and concise conversations, rather than a quick back and forth via other messaging platforms. Sending someone an email is the next best thing to calling them, in terms of establishing a real connection.

So the problem is, how do you set up an epic B2B email campaign that will gain you new clients and not annoy them of your emails?

By checking out these email marketing examples, of course!

Let’s get started.

1. Get Those Clients Active Again

We all know this feeling, unfortunately, some previous users of your product got busy with their lives, are now marked as inactive and no longer using your services.

Dropbox does an excellent job of emailing people who have shown interest in their software but not fully installed the program. By setting up an automated email to those who have been inactive, you have a chance to lure them back to your services again.

2. Set up Webinar Announcements

Do you feel that your subscribers may not be taking you seriously? The best way to be seen as a leader in your niche is to run a webinar where you can showcase your knowledge.

Hubspot does this well by illustrating how you will benefit from watching and includes a strong call to action with scarcity to get people to sign up.

Just by adding a registration form, you are on your way to set up a successful webinar.

3. Retrieve Inactive Subscribers

Some previous subscribers may at once have been a prospective client, but now they are at the bottom of your email list. Good news is that they are still subscribed, so a little inspiration from Asana and you could retrieve them back.

Asana is a genius for sending out friendly email reminders on how to use their software, with easy to read instructions and a big, colorful “get started button” as a call to action.

4. Welcome Emails

Once someone subscribes to your email list, you need to send them a very catchy welcome email with valuable content to entice them to take immediate action and stay subscribed.

By doing nothing, you make it nearly impossible to make a good first impression on them.

Buffer does this quite nicely by sending you a welcome email, with methods of contact, should you have any problems.

Even just a simple email to introduce yourself is enough to establish a relationship with your new subscriber. Include any valuable content you have or links to content on your website.

5. Announcement Emails

An easy way to notify subscribers to the big changes within your company is to send out an announcement email. This keeps everyone in the loop and reminds your subscribers why they wanted to sign up with you in the first place.

Uber does the announcement email seamlessly, after coming back from massive criticism they have announced big changes to their management and safety protocols. They also attached new services and opportunities in the same email to keep their users engaged.

6. Free Trial Emails

For those new subscribers, or those who have not fully signed up, sending them a free promo or trial for your software is a great way to lure them back into being active again.

Kissmetrics does this well by sending out a VIP one on one demo that you can sign up to use. You can also give prospective clients a one-week free demo of your product.

Other companies will even give their current customers the upgraded or premium version of their product for a week, showing them how much easier life is with their upgrade.

7. Upcoming Event Emails

Just like the announcements, you can use B2B email marketing to promote an upcoming event. The trick to this is to create urgency, scarcity, and value so that your subscribers have no choice but to take action.

Send out a series of timed emails with a countdown, as well as a notification on how limited the seats now are. Every email needs to spark more and more urgency.

Vodaphone has an awesome plan for event emails, they have a countdown clock and seamlessly set up their emails to create scarcity, urgency and extra value.

8. Case Study Emails

Nothing convinces a person to take action more than social proof. Depending on the number of subscribers, even one case study has enough power to lure in hundreds of new clients.

Relate this case study to your target audience to make sure you have the right people taking action. Perfect Audience has a great email campaign to notify you of all the well-known businesses that use their product. So if they will, chances are, others will too!

9. Video Emailsanimated gif in email

We all know that videos are the future of marketing and connecting to your audience, so there is nothing better than including a video into your B2B email marketing plan.

Dubb does this perfectly by attaching allowing its users to attach a GIF preview of their video into the email, with the “play icon”. Once the user clicks to play, it will actually play on users custom video landing page, genius!

10. Humor and GIF Emails

Humor breaks down barriers, bring people together and engages an audience as no other tactic can. That’s why you should include funny GIFs into your email plan.

Bed, Bath and Beyond always have silly and catchy GIFs that engage an audience and demonstrates how some of their products work.

Learn More Awesome Email Marketing Examples Like These!

Now you have seen some of the top leaders in each technique of B2B email marketing. These email marketing examples clearly display what a good email marketing plan will do for your business.

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