Violet Rainwater


As a Russian child immigrant during the cold war, Violet Rainwater fell in love with the American Dream.
From her humble beginnings and grinding poverty to becoming a top sales producer and sought after speaker, Violet Rainwater brings a fresh perspective to the art of sales and driving business.

Today, Violet loves educating Financial Service professionals and small business owners, with a new framework for closing business. As a 9 time Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier she helps professionals create a consistent lead flow, optimize their book of business and drive sales with greater efficiency and ease.

Violet’s passion for debunking old sales myths coupled with her unmatched grasp of human behavior are revolutionizing the way professionals serve their customers and drive business. Violet offers a holistic framework to help your team drive results by addressing people and processes from the inside out. With a blend of strategy, psychology, and laugh-out-loud fun, your team members will gain valuable tools that promote well-being, increase efficiency, and drive sales performance.

Violet received her undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University and received her MBA later in 2007. A devoted yogi, avid reader, and lover of everything chocolate. You will often find her on her yoga mat or hiking the beautiful Rockies where she resides with her husband and 8-year-old twins.

Speaking & Workshop Programs

✅ Sales 101: How To Connect & Drive Sales Post Covid
✅ Sales Rainmakers: How To Optimize Your Book Of Business In The New Workplace
✅ Life Insurance Crusaders: How To Sell Life Insurance With Efficiency & Ease
✅ Conversational Video: A New Way Of Closing & Keeping Business
✅ Leaders Of Tomorrow: How To Manage Workplace Stress Post COVID
✅ Woman Of Tomorrow: How To Pivot & Thrive in The New Workplace

Sales Strategy
Sales Systemization
Sales Training
Custom Sales Curriculum
B2C Sales & Marketing
Employee Engagement
Video Creation
Stress Management

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