Social Selling and The impact of developing a Personal Brand

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You shouldn’t just go through the motions of social selling.


Imagine LinkedIn as the world’s largest networking conference, and you’re the keynote speaker every day. Just as keynote speakers are regarded as influential, you must develop a strong personal brand that will make people want to listen to you.


To start, ask yourself…


How would you want to be perceived by your audience?


Managing people’s perception of you on social media encompasses a solid content strategy.


Entertain. Inform. Educate.


Do these things well, and you’re bound for success.


In this session of the Dubb Action Summit, Dubb founder Ruben Dua and Jarrett Thomas discuss the impact of developing a robust personal brand on social selling. Jarrett is the Senior Enterprise Account Manager at Hootsuite. He has been in the digital sales industry for over a decade and has a lot of experience in the social space.


You’re sure to find value in this conversation. Enjoy!

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Watch the masterclass Watch the masterclass now