Prospecting and the need to be disciplined with your process and How you use your Time

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Are you looking for a way to generate more sales? It’s safe to say that we all are. Whether we are just getting started in our sales careers or are looking to perfect our craft, sales is an art that constantly needs to be refined. There is always so much to learn and the world is always changing. Without being able to adapt, make mistakes, and bounce back from failure, it is virtually impossible to become the best salesperson that you can be. To learn more about prospecting tactics and becoming a more effective salesperson, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Mark Hunter.

The conversation was part of Dubb’s Action Summit, which brings together top experts in sales, marketing, and beyond to share actionable tips and strategies. Mark Hunter is a sales expert and the author of The Sales Hunter. The Sales Hunter offers many daily habits and practical strategies so that you can achieve sales success. Along with his work as an author, Mark is a member of the board of directors for Global Partners in Hope.

In his conversation with Ruben, Mark shared a variety of helpful insights and tips, which include the following:

🚀 As Mark often asks, are you a rain barrel or a rainmaker? Essentially, Mark is asking what percentage of the sales that you make are those that you actually create. The vast majority of salespeople are out there repeating or getting sales because they simply fall in their laps. Mark encourages us to shift our thinking so that we can become sales creators.

🚀 The simple truth is that we don’t sell stuff. We don’t sell things. Instead, salespeople sell solutions that help customers achieve a better outcome. It is this customer-first perspective that can help you better connect with your prospects and generate more sales.

🚀 There are countless numbers of companies out there that are looking for solutions to their problems. They are struggling to address those problems—all because you didn’t reach out to them. According to Mark, you can think of sales as doing your customers a favor. Your product or service is going to change their lives, so don’t forget this truth if you are feeling anxiety or hesitation about pitching.●With each conversation that you have with a prospect, you want to earn the right and privilege to speak with that prospect again. This is true throughout your sales funnel. You want the relationship to survive and thrive. By doing so, you can not only continue toimprove that prospect’s life, but you can continue to generate more sales.

As you can guess, this is an outstanding conversation for sales leaders or salespeople. The tips here can help you supercharge your sales work and hit your sales goals. Beyond that, however,this is a great discussion for anyone that wants to become more persuasive or influential. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

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