Why Your Marketing Videos Don’t Work (Unless You Do)

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No matter the size or sector of your business, sales and marketing videos can help you accomplish your business goals. They can help you build better relationships with your current clients, convert prospects into paying clients, and even build up your reputation in your sector or industry. However, creating marketing videos isn’t a science. It is an art that requires constant refinement and iteration.

In this episode of Connection Loop, we wanted to spend some time exploring why some creators are having issues with their marketing videos. To discuss this important topic, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sat down with Alex Minor. Alex is the founder of Eye AM Media and the host of “1000 Miles: The Road to Entrepreneurship.” He has created many video marketing videos himself and recognizes many of the flaws that creators make when trying to get traction with their own marketing videos.

Ruben and Alex discussed many different topics in this episode, including how to create compelling videos for LinkedIn, the power of cloning yourself with video, seeing video as a solution (rather than a problem), and how Dubb can help you create awesome marketing videos.

Whether you are a new video marketer or have been creating marketing videos for some time, you’ll definitely want to hear from Alex and Ruben.

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