Leadership in 2021: Empathy, Storytelling, and Creativity

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Have you been searching for ways to learn more about leadership in 2021? As we start this new decade, it’s really important to strengthen our leadership skills—no matter the size of your team. Whether you are the CEO of your startup or recently obtained a leadership role at your company, it is worth your time to both study this topic and put your new ideas into practice.

Because of this, I am glad that you are here. In this video from the Dubb Action Summit, Dubb Creative Director Shannon Leonard and I discussed how empathy, storytelling, and creativity are essential attributes for leadership in 2021. Better yet, all of these assets and skills work together in both an individual environment and a team environment.

Shannon took the lead on this subject, sharing his thoughts and insights on how empathy, storytelling, and creativity can help any business reach its goals. From the smallest startups to the world’s largest companies, leadership in 2021 is all about these three attributes.

1.Illustrating Empathy By Eating a Rattlesnake’s Heart

2.The Power of Storytelling

3.The Final Step: Creativity

Leading Into the New Decade

As you can see, leadership in 2021 is all about empathy, storytelling, and creativity. These three legs of the stool are absolutely critical in inspiring, motivating, and leading your team into the new decade. Whether you are a new leader of a startup or are trying to motivate your colleagues at a much larger corporation, I encourage you to implement these insights and strategies. By doing so, you will become a more effective leader and increase the likelihood that you and your colleagues will reach your goals.

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