How to Use Video to Share Stories that Drive Sales

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Have you ever come across a post or an article that caught your attention by the title, only to lose interest once you had a look at it because it merely consisted of several long blocks of text and not much else?

Have you ever experienced opening a seemingly interesting email among a thousand others in your crowded inbox, only to be disappointed or disinterested because of its lack of value and authenticity?

These things happen to both consumers and entrepreneurs alike.

For consumers, their inboxes and social media feeds are often made more and more crowded by countless emails and posts from brands or companies looking to sell their products in the marketplace. The problem is, these emails or posts typically consist of the same sales and advertising pitch that we normally hear, which is primarily the reason why in most instances they just get lost in the vast sea of unread posts and unopened messages.

And more often than not, the same is true for entrepreneurs trying to do business or form partnerships with other business owners. They tend to lose interest when presented with just the usual monotonous black-on-white text with excessively long paragraphs that often fail to effectively communicate and connect on a personal level.

Let’s be real here. People are looking to do business with people. And no matter how you look at it, flooding prospective clients or other business owners with the same overused, trite, and even insincere words and phrases isn’t going to work.

What then is the best way to grow your business and drive sales?


But not simply video. You have to figure out how to tell stories that add value to people through your videos. You need to learn the art of storytelling if you want to become an effective and successful content marketer.

Video marketing is the best marketing strategy you can use in order to solve the problem of disengagement. It is also the best way to make genuine and intentional human connections.

To speak on these particular topics, it is with great pleasure that we present to you this webinar that Dubb recently conducted with Paige Battcher.

Video marketing is one of the primary ways we grow our business. It can help you: make more sales, nurture your leads, communicate with your team, and more…

Watch this webinar to learn how you can easily leverage the power of video to share compelling stories that drive sales for your business.

Read the blog about this webinar here.

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Watch the masterclass Watch the masterclass now