How to become an Author and Authority in your industry

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Anyone can write a book, but not everyone can sell a book.


While nothing stands between you and the book you want to write, it doesn’t always mean that you’re going to get noticed, published, and ultimately make a dime.


Becoming an author requires that you build your authority first.


Are you the go-to person when someone has questions about your industry?


Does your audience recognize your expertise?


In this session of the Dubb Action Summit, Dubb founder and CEO Ruben Dua spoke with Gina Schreck to discuss the ideal ways of developing authority in your niche. Gina is the President and CEO of SocialKNX, a digital marketing agency that helps business owners and organizations leverage social media to connect with their audiences and generate business.


If you aspire to become an author, you’ll find this discussion to be of great value.

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Watch the masterclass Watch the masterclass now