8 Steps to Telling a Great Story

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Great storytelling can be the secret weapon for any business. Whether you are promoting a brand new product or service or simply want to share what separates your business from your competitors, you can get the job done with a great story. All of that said, great storytelling is difficult. It doesn’t come naturally for many people. It requires a good understanding of what makes a great story and a commitment to keep practicing. In this session from the Dubb Action Summit, Dubb founder Ruben Dua explores all things storytelling with Doug Thompson. Doug is a podcaster at the Tech Story podcast, a keynote speaker, and a TedX speaker. He is an expert on telling great stories and offers plenty of insights that you can use in telling your own stories. Some topics discussed in this session include:

●Why stories are so powerful.

●The eight steps to a great story.

●Why Pixar can teach us many great lessons on storytelling.

●Why anyone can become a great storyteller.

Enjoy the conversation!

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Watch the masterclass Watch the masterclass now